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Interview with Delphine Maurin, co-founder of Folies de Provence

Can you tell us a little about yourself ?

I am 38 years old, I was born in Aubagne in Provence. Before being a manager, I am first and foremost a passionate person and I invest myself fully in my work and in my personal life. I like challenges, having new experiences, meeting new persons... it feeds me and makes me progress. I am a perfectionist, conscientious, I like to see things through to the end and give my best in everything I do.

How did your little company Folies de Provence get started ?

My parents and I founded Folies de Provence in 2011. At that time we had created Fou de Délices and Fou de Doudous. The first entity distributed chocolates and cookies from Provence and the second one warm comforters and lavender plushies (which is still the case today). From these two activities was born Folies de Provence which today has 3 stores and a webshop.

Where does your passion for lavender come from ?

As far as I can remember, lavender has always been present in my childhood. My grandmother, a seamstress by profession, used to make little bags out of Provençal fabrics that she filled with lavender. This lavender that she picked directly from her garden was also used to make spindles that she carefully placed in the wardrobes. I can still smell the fresh and delicate scent of our laundry and clothes! And also of her lavender recipes at snack time on Wednesday afternoon !

Then I became really interested in the benefits of lavender and its soothing and treating properties. And believe me, lavender has multiple virtues both in terms of well-being and medicinal.

Today it’s not my grandmother who makes the little bags, but they are still handmade. At the beginning of each year, we bring the freshly harvested and dried lavender as well as the fabrics chosen by us to our ESAT (Etablissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail) in charge of making the bags.

If you had to describe Provence in a few words ?

In ancient Greece, the olive tree is an immortal tree that is " able to give a flame to illuminate the nights, to soften the scars, to be generator of a precious food, rich in flavor and giving energy ". I really like this representation.

Provence also represents this strength to me. Provence is an exceptional heritage, breathtaking landscapes. Provence is sun, light and serenity ! It is the perfumes of the Garrigue, the Mistral blowing and the song of the cicadas ! Provence is also excellent culinary traditions, from olive oil to good wine.... You will have understood, I am an unconditional lover of my region !

How do you select the brands you distribute ?

The brands that convinced us come mainly from Provence. This is why we favour short circuits, which is essential. We attach much importance to the fact that our natural or organic product ranges contain formulas that are respectful of the skin and the environment, and that they are manufactured by craftsmen with French know-how.

The identity and authenticity of the brand also play a big part in our selection and must be in line with our image. We are also sensitive to the quality of the packaging and their commitment to the planet.

To sum up, we are focused on quality and this is reflected in our work. I think our customers feel it too. Working on this dynamic is one of the values at Folies de Provence. Our first goal is to offer quality skincare and wellness products that are like us.

You support causes that you care about, can you tell us about them ?

Yes, we do.  In form of donations, we support cancer research, particularly breast cancer, as well as research into Alzheimer's disease, through partnerships with associations. We try to be a committed company by supporting 2 or 3 associations each year.

Could you tell us about your rituals to feel well everyday ?

It starts with getting up early enough to enjoy a yoga session and a good balanced breakfast, if time permits. I plan my day at this time with a to-do list so I don't forget anything !

But the most important thing is to think positive, to question myself regularly, and above all to try to take life's obstacles as challenges !

Do you have any beauty tricks ?

My beauty tricks ? Please myself, exercise, take care of myself, my skin and my body! At the moment, I love Argandia's Orange Blossom Sublimating BB Cream. It nourishes and protects my skin and above all, it evens it out and balances it naturally !

I am also completely addicted to essential oils. I have some in my purse, in my toilet bags, in my car, on my night table... One of my favorite is lavender essential oil. Very effective in case of stress or small hurts.

I think it's important to have a date with yourself and to take time for yourself.  Adopting a beauty routine with healthy and natural products is just as essential as a balanced diet.

Would you like to add a last word ?

I am really enjoying my job. Every day is different and offers new perspectives. I would like to thank my teams for following me and supporting me in my follies! I think we are very close, that's what makes the strength of the Folies de Provence today !

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