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a Christmas close to the stars


The Far North, the polar night, reindeer, Santa Claus, the northern lights, mulled wine and gingerbread... a magical holiday season!

A complete change of scenery, a life close to nature, an introduction to another culture... Let's discover Santa's country, where the many seasons follow the rhythm of the reindeer calendar!

The seasons

Did you know? In Finland, in the very north of Europe, the Sami, Europe's last indigenous people, count 8 seasons in the year, whereas the Innu count 6 and we only have 4 on our calendar! Living in close contact with nature, the seasons have been divided into 8 phases:

1/ Winter - Dálvvie: The season of attention 

2/ Spring winter - Gijrradálvvie: The season of awakening 

3/ Spring - Gijrra: The season of return

4/ Spring summer - Gijrragiessie: The season of growth 

5/ Summer - Giessie: The season of meditation 

6/ Autumn summer - Tjakttjagiessie: The harvest season 

7/ Autumn - Tjakttja: The season of energy

8/ Winter autumn - Tjakttjadálvvi: The season of infinite night

The polar night in Lapland

From late November to late January, an astronomical phenomenon occurs in the regions near the poles: the polar night (Kaamos). The sun doesn't rise for days on end, resulting in very short days with almost no light. A period of mysterious penumbra, where the glare of the snow and the sun just above the horizon accentuate the low luminosity and create a half-tone illumination. As a result, there are a few hours of daylight between 10am and 3pm.

This unique, slightly bluish luminosity lends an atmosphere of charm and mystery to the site. The Northen lights, which is particularly auspicious at this time of year, is an enchanting and unique experience!

The aurora borealis

From late August to April, the Northern Lights come into play. More than 200 times a year, on clear nights, you can admire the ballets of light that illuminate the sky. The spectacular colors and shapes of the aurora borealis are a unique and magical sight.

The Finns call them "revontulet", which means "fox fires". Legend has it that the colorful bands of light are created by an Arctic fox setting fire to the sky with its tail!

The reindeer, an emblematic animal

In Finland, most reindeer are not wild, but owned by breeders. They live in the wild from April to November. "Poro", as the Finns call them, are robust and can weigh up to 180 kilos. Both males and females have brown, white or gray coats and antlers, which they shed in winter or spring, depending on the sex of the animal. Reindeer are adapted to extreme temperatures and feed on grasses, bushes, bark and lichen, which they seek out under the snow in winter.

Do you know reindeer racing? Very popular in Finnish Lapland, this sporting event attracts all the reindeer owners and jockeys in the region! The winning title is prestigious and coveted. To decide between the competitors, it's the reindeer's nose that counts, and it's important that the jockeys have both straps in their hands taut! An impressive spectacle!

Christmas traditions

Christmas in Lapland wouldn't live up to its reputation without :

* spiced cookies, 

* maustekakku,

* flavored mulled wine,

* a good session in a wood-fired sauna. 

These four elements truly embody the spirit of the festive season.

"Glögi", a kind of flavored wine served piping hot (red wine or red berry juice mixed with spices such as cardamom and cinnamon, to which currants and chopped almonds are added), is Finland's favorite Christmas drink. 

Spiced cookies are also a must. "Maustekakku", another Christmas pastry speciality, is a special cake flavoured with spices. 

All these different desserts are usually served on Christmas Eve, the main event of the festive season, when Santa Claus comes to bring presents to the children. Christmas Eve is also traditionally followed by a visit to the sauna, and at midnight, the Protestant Christmas service remains a must for many Finns.

A visit to Santa Claus

In December, it's time to send a letter to Santa Claus, who lives in a small village called Rovaniemi in Lapland, 2 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, or to visit him at his office all year round on a reindeer-drawn sleigh ride! A magical moment of joy for the little ones!

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We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Emilie - 01/22/2024 11:01:28

J'ai visité la Laponie et c'était vraiment super ! Cet article donne envie d'y retourner !