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Fruity, floral, lemony, woody, amber... Folies de Provence eaux de toilette are declined for all tastes!

Their fragrances, with their invigorating, sparkling or calming effects, play on our moods. 

Finding the ones that suit you requires special attention, and can sometimes make you fall in love at first sight!

The eau de toilette we wear is a feature of our personality, our character, our olfactory identity. Leaving behind sweet and seductive scents can leave a lasting impression, revealing ourselves to others by appealing to the senses.

Choosing and wearing your eau de toilette

Sometimes it's hard to choose between them all! Depending on the type of skin, the fragrance won't have the same effect and may disappoint your expectations. To make your choice easier, we recommend spraying it on yourself and waiting a few minutes for the top notes to dissipate, giving way to the heart and base notes.

To optimize the lasting effect of your eau de toilette, your skin should be clean and well moisturized, as the fragrance will dissipate more quickly on dry skin. 

Preferred areas are warm parts of the body, such as the neck, behind the ears, on the décolleté or on joints like the inside of wrists or elbows. Hot spots allow the fragrance to release more aromatic particles. But beware of excess! A single spray is all you need for absolute refinement and to become one with it.

From first to last use, eau de toilette must be stored away from light, humidity and heat to preserve its delicate, precious fragrance. In fact, it's best not to store it in the bathroom, but in a cool, dry place. Its integrity is also preserved by ensuring that the bottle is tightly closed in its original packaging after each use, to prevent oxidation.

A fragrance for each season

With the start of spring, when the nights are still fresh and the days are getting longer, you can finally give up amber and woody scents and let light, fruity or floral fragrances take over.

Notes of cherry blossom, lavender, mandarin, jasmine or verbina and many others will leave behind a discreet trail of freshness and delicacy.

Eau de toilette, perfume, cologne: it's all a matter of dosage

With a concentration of 7 to 12% perfume essence, eau de toilette lasts about 3 to 5 hours on the skin, depending on the ingredients it contains.

Like a perfume, eau de toilette is by definition lighter and can be sprayed several times a day, as can eau de Cologne, which contains only 4 to 6% perfume essence.

Did you know it?

The concept of perfume really began in Antiquity (even if, as far back as prehistoric times, Neanderthal man used wood and resinous plants to scent his food...). The Egyptians and Greeks used to burn plants, resins and balms in honor of their deities and because they believed them to have healing and sacred virtues.

It was at this time that the etymology of the word "perfume" was formed: per fumum means "by the smoke". Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, was the first to give an aesthetic and cosmetic dimension to the perfumes of the time, through ointments (a medicine based on resin, fat and various active ingredients, intended to be applied to the skin) or perfumed baths.

Many voyages, new olfactory discoveries and centuries of creation later, the South of France is still renowned today for the quality of its flower essences. Grasse is just as famous, but the Drôme Provençale also stands out in the world of perfumery for its lavender, fresh verbena, rose, fig and white jasmine eaux de toilette.

Our favorites to celebrate spring

For those who wish to leave a discreet trail, eaux de toilette are ideal, unlike perfume extracts, which can be more heady. 

Some are more intense, others lighter, depending on the season, giving you a wide choice all year round.

Our eaux de toilette from Plantes & Parfums de Provence aux parfums de Grasse are made in Provence with a minimum of 92% ingredients of natural origin.

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