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Candles, soaps, hand creams, diffusers, honeys, jams... little gifts that make you so happy!

It's not compulsory to give a gift to your teacher at the end of the year, but it's a way of thanking them for all the work they've done for our children throughout the year.

It's also a way for children to express their gratitude for having listened to them, supported them and helped them throughout the school year. 

For them, the mistress is on a pedestal! She's a hero, the one with the power, the knowledge, always benevolent... and never changing her tune! At least once in a parent's life, everyone will hear "yes, the teacher said it! And there's no point fighting it, because you know in advance that the mistress will win!

My mistress will love it!

A homemade gift, a small note, a few flowers or a more personal present are sure to please the one to whom it is offered. 

Folies de Provence has selected a few original, long-lasting ideas to suit all budgets. Small gifts to remember the past year that are sure to please!

With lavender essential oil, donkey's milk, orange blossom or prickly pear, hand creams are perfect for moisturizing and softening the mistress's hands, whatever the weather outside!

Square, rectangular, cube, heart-shaped, cicada-shaped, natural or based on organic oils, our soaps come in a range of scents for face and body.

Available in a variety of scents, our hand-poured scented candles are made with vegetable wax and a cotton wick. 40 hours of scented pleasure!

With flowers or sticks, fragrance diffusers come in a variety of scents for a moment of pure pleasure!

Lavender, Garrigue, acacia, flower or forest, our beekeepers' honeys are 100% made in France.

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